It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.   Robert H. Goddard
Stayn Destroyer It may seem implausible when you look at images of the completed model, but the design actually grew out of my fascination with UFO mythologies and flying saucers.  In fact I had originally intended to build a somewhat conventional UFO, but as I continued to sketch out ideas, it began to deviate from the traditional saucer shape.  Pretty quickly, it took on more of an American football shape and with the addition of outriggers, a sense of directional flight (or at least an axis) was now present that the original saucer shape lacked. As is usually the case, the basic forms of the model came together fairly quickly at which point the detailing could begin.  By drawing on the model I was able to establish a general look for the plating and detailing, working one quadrant first, and then simply replicating details for the rest of the model.  A number of ‘found’ objects made their way onto this model, among them -- pieces from a Coleman lantern, grocery store scanner and bits from a ladies shaver.  The model features LED lighting, a separable shuttle craft (which provides interior access) and attack ships docked to the underside with cast-in magnets. An article detailing the construction of the Stayn Destroyer appears in Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller Volume 18. The Stayn Destroyer was awarded a Gold at Wonderfest 2005 and also received a Special Award for the Best Sci-Fi vehicle.
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