It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.   Robert H. Goddard
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Space Tug & Barge The Space Tug and Barge was another vehicle designed to move large volumes of material around the inner solar system.  Modular components would allow for different guidance and propulsion units to be changed, depending on mission requirements.  Depicted in these images are two different configurations based on this modular approach. In coming up with a design, I drew upon present-day methods of transporting freight -- namely river barges and the various haulers I see on my daily commute into work.  Like most of my models, construction began with a few simple sketches.  The most challenging part of this build was coming up with the ‘tarp’ that would cover the barge component.  I considered a few different approaches, but decided that vacuforming this would likely give the best result, and so I arranged a variety of cargo container shapes onto an MDF panel.  I finally succeeded in getting a useful tarp on my fourth attempt by pulling the softened styrene sheet over the pattern without drawing the vacuum at all. Gold Award Wonderfest 2011