SKIMMER For the minority of us in the modeling community who enjoy scratch building futuristic vehicles and hardware of our own design, inspiration can come from virtually anywhere, and sometimes the best ideas can be found in your own backyard. The Skimmer was inspired by walks along the backyard creek with Zoie, our Golden Retriever.  In one stagnant part of the creek there are usually hundreds of water striders on the surface, which Zoie always enjoyed playing with.  She seemed to have such a great time chasing the little buggers around, trying to bite at them as they would scatter in all directions.  After one particular trip to the creek, I made a single little pencil drawing of a vehicle based on the water strider that, with very little alteration, became the basis for the Skimmer. This model was built up from a number of vacuformed ABS shells, the patterns for which were created from urethane foam and renshape. Silver Award WonderFest 2005
It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.   Robert H. Goddard
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