Ranger Intended as a planetary survey vehicle the Ranger is another one of my models that has a bit of a Space: 1999 feel to it.  Built at 1/24th scale, the model measures about 32 inches in length by 17 inches wide and rests on a tri-gear arrangement. The Ranger seen here in these images is a little different than its original incarnation.  In 2007, several of my models appeared in an art gallery along side the work of two local space artists.  It was during that time that the Ranger sustained some damage while on display.  I’ll spare you the grisly details, but rather than being ‘bummed’ about it, I decided to look at it as an opportunity to correct some of the things that had bothered me about the original version.  In addition, I decided to give the Ranger a more ‘sci-fi’ paint job, choosing a bluish- gray for the overall color instead of the original NASA-oriented scheme.  Here, I attempted to emulate artist Peter Elson’s work (specifically the Terran Trade Authority books). Gold Award Wonderfest 2003
It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.   Robert H. Goddard
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