UFO MOONBASE INTERCEPTOR This model is based on Mike Trim’s original unused concept design for the Moonbase Interceptor for the Gerry Anderson TV series UFO (1970). There’s an integrity to Trim’s near-future design, perhaps due to the fact that it looks as though his Interceptor was assembled from a number of familiar spacecraft components, the concept having most certainly been influenced by the space hardware of the period. The concept Interceptor posed a different kind of challenge, owing to the fact that only the single side-view drawing was ever done which required a certain amount of extrapolation, interpretation and artistic license to fill in the blanks--but I tried to remain true to the spirit and the side view it was based on. An in-depth article on its construction can be seen in Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller presents: Modelling the 21st Century Volume 1. Silver Award & Best Gerry Anderson Inspired model - WonderFest 2007.
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