It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.   Robert H. Goddard
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Welcome to FASTFORWARD models!

Everyone has an image of what a spaceship looks like based on our own space program and popular media.  Spaceships are synonymous with adventure, exploration and discovery and for a modeler offer virtually limitless design opportunities.  Unless you are designing a vehicle that is required to work within a planetary atmosphere, there are really no restrictions or limitations as to the forms a spaceship can take, so the imagination is freed up to go wild. On this site and specifically in the Gallery, you will find models that I’ve created over the past decade strictly as a hobby and done in my spare time.  As this activity is a hobby, I’m only able to complete a few major projects a year.  As you look around you may notice that I’m not into building replicas and there are no Star Trek or Star Wars models represented in my Gallery.  That doesn’t mean that those influences  might not be seen in my own scratch built models however.  And as far as replicas go, I really don’t have anything against them per se, but there are many modelers that do such a brilliant job of it, I think to myself.. ‘Why should I bother?’ Instead I’m much more interested in the creative rather than the ‘re-creative’ process.  And besides, the only replica that interests me would be the Eagle from Space:1999 --my all time favorite spacecraft. Though I work as a professional model maker, I still find that I need an outlet for my imagination that  I don’t often get at my job.  In most cases I’m called on to follow a specific plan or direction whereas in my own work, I have carte blanche to do whatever will best serve the model.  I hope that as a result of looking here, you might be inspired in your own modeling efforts just as I have been by other modelers. Thanks for visiting..      B.P. Taylor